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New version 1.1 is available for download

3D animation

With version 1.1 it became possible to animate multiple GPS tracks in Google Earth !
A few 3D models of a paraglider, hangglider, glider are available, also you can use your own models.
If time between points in your GPS track is too big then turn on track smoothing what make animation much more nice-looking.

Generate semi-randomly additional tracks to test animation perfomance with great number of GPS tracks.

GPS support

Now Track-Album supports more GPS devices, besides Garmin and Magellan the following new models are in the list: IQ-Compeo/Compatino, Top Navigator, XC Trainer, MLR, Flytec, Digifly Graviter.

More enhancements

  • export GPS tracks to IGC,GPX
  • recently opened projects list
  • waypoints are shown on the map next to a track
  • nice track and record icons for better self-descriptiveness, easy navigation to track's records