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Track-Album: Traveller's Diary

This modification is a personal electronic diary, blog for tourists, travellers, cyclists, with rich ability in editing notes, working with photos and GPS tracks.

Note editor allows text formatting with BBCode: smiles, links to video, pictures, Web-sites and any other files.
BBCode is used in many phpBB forums so the text can be easily copied there.
notes editor

Attached photos can be linked to GPS coordinates so you can always say where the photo is shot!
The program calculates geo coordinates of the photo by it's creation time and track points itself and shows the photos in the right place on the track:

On the Track  In Google Earth
photo on the track  photo in Google Earth

See more about photo-features in details.

Cyclists will find ride statistics that shows ride count, duration and total length by year, month and places very useful.
ride statistics

See more: Common features