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Track-Album is freeware now !

Version 2.4 Beta released. Maps !

What's new:
  • Added maps support !
  • Routes supported - plan your flight/trip.

GPS software download, Flight log. Ver.

New update

This update contains:
  • Fixed issues with track animation in Google Earth and track downloading from GPS devices.
  • Vietnamese language update
  • National languages handling improved

GPS software download, Flight log. Ver.

Update to

What's new:
  • Greatly increased performance for tracks with attached photos

GPS software download, Flight log. Ver.

Version 2.0 released !

What's new:
  • Fixed problems with DEP
  • Improved track measurement accuracy and perfomance
  • Measurement details window
  • Offline registration form
  • Changed licensing model

GPS software download, Flight log. Ver.

Introducing track measurement feature: new 1.5 beta availabe.

Great GPS track measurement feature is available in 1.5 beta of Track-Album software.
FAI Triangle
Download GPS software, Flight log. Ver.

New version

1. New Italian translation added.
2. Added capability to import of MapSource tracks.

Download logbook software. Ver.

New translation

- Interface translated to Romanian language,
- Updated Dutch translation

Download GPS software, Flight log.

New update

- Added speed and climb/sink graphs for GPS tracks
- Interface translated to czech, slovak, french languages

Download GPS software.

Advanced printing and custom fields

1. Added advanced printing functions, logbook and annual statistics can be printed on paper, exported to PDF, jpeg, Excel format.
Two pre-designed reports are included, custom reports can be created by a user using built-in report designer.
2. Users now can define custom fields for log book records.

Download logbook software.

Version 1.2 Available

Today's main feature - GPS coordinates in photos. Track-Album becomes a gps photo tagger.
Download GPS software.

Minor Track-Album update

Added "Export to Excel" function.
Now it is possible to get data into Excel, arrange them as you wish and print.

More printing functions will be added later in Track-Album itself.

Also added two new translations: Brazilian Portuguese and Vietnamese.

New version 1.1 is available for download

3D animation

With version 1.1 it became possible to animate multiple GPS tracks in Google Earth !
A few 3D models of a paraglider, hangglider, glider are available, also you can use your own models.
If time between points in your GPS track is too big then turn on track smoothing what make animation much more nice-looking.

Generate semi-randomly additional tracks to test animation perfomance with great number of GPS tracks.

Little but important update

New functions available for a GPS track in "Track points" window:

  • Detection of stop points in the beginning and the end of a track
  • Detection of a new track edge

Two serious bug fixed:

  • Re-installation now not rewrite demo-project
  • Fixed import of IGC files with non-standard records

The program interface is translated to Dutch.

Download GPS software version

Why spend money if you have skills ?

Help to translate Track-Album to other languages and get licensed copy forever, details are here.

Software update changelog

This update contains

  • Various bug fixes
  • Improvements in algorithm of a new track detection when downloading tracks from a GPS
  • Two more extra properties for tracks added
  • Bulgarian translation
  • Mass deletion of waypoints

Download gps software version

GPS devices support improved

  • Garmin via USB - shows download progress
  • Magellan - can choose COM-port baud rate
Download the new version here.

New software for pilots: take-off

All prepared, pre-flight checks are done and here it flies:

- nice interface
- colored tracks
- numerous statistics
- GPS is connected

Just feast you eyes!