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Help / Working with tracks / Viewing 3D track with 'Google Earth'

How can you select track for viewing:

  • On 'GPS треки' sheet select a track (or several tracks) from the list and press 'Show on Google Earth' toolbar button.
  • On 'Log book' sheet select a record which has track and press 'Show on Google Earth' toolbar button.

In poped up window

set options:

Color track by

As well as on the map track can be colored by:
  • Ground speed
  • Absolute height
  • Vario (Rate of climb/sink)

Line width

Track line is 2 pixels wide by default
Tracks with big number of points may be shown with visual defects if viewed from long distance on Google Earth, try to set line width 1 pixel in this case.

Clap track to ground

If set then point heights are ignored, this is useful for viewing track projection.
Ground track's points may have height lower than surface height on Google Earth model, then the track can be invisible on GoogleEarth, always set this option for ground tracks.
This option is set by default for ground projects.

Connect track to ground

Is set then vertical lines will be drawn:

Include time information (GPS track animation without 3D models)

Check this option if you want to animate track in time!
If time information included in track then Google Earth show animation control panel next to navigation buttons:

If the panel is not shown then you might have old verion of 'Google Earth', update to latest version.

Control panel has slider, you can move this slider and change it's width of what changes time range. Only points that fall into this time range is visible on the map.
After track is loaded in Google Earth it is advisory to set time range so that 4-5 track points is visible.
Then press 'Start' button to start animation.