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Help / Working with tracks

Working with tracks is taken place on GPS tracks sheet:

Regions on the sheet:
  • 1. Track list (track name and length)
  • 2. Track map
  • 3. Track properties table
  • 4. Elevation chart

Track list

All project track are shown here

To add track in project you should either download track from GPS щк import track from a file.

Track can be sorted by name and it's length, we recommend to give name to a track by following pattern: yyyy-mm-dd-event-location

Left click a track to work with it, sometimes it is necessary to select two or more tracks, to do it press and hold Ctrl or Shift button while clicking. To bring context menu for a track right click on it.


Selected tracks are shown on the map (2).
  • To view several tracks select them holding Ctrl button.
  • The track is colored according to selected parameter.
    You can paint a part of the track in red, for this select needed region on the legend clicking with left mouse button and draging to desired point:
  • To move a track on the map hold left mouse button and move it.
  • To zoom tracks hold right mouse button and move mouse up or down, or press buttons whth magnifier.

Elevation chart

  • Elevation chart (4) show height of track points .
  • Chart also colored as selected track.
  • Move mouse on chart to view parameters of track points: Time, Height, Speed, Rate of climb.
  • Also as you move mouse on elevation chart current point is shown in the map.
  • Chart can be stretched horizontally by buttons with magnifier, to move chart hold right button and move mouse horizontally.

Importing tracks

For importing tracks do the following:
  • Select File/Import tracks menu
  • Select track files (select several files holding Ctrl mouse button)
  • Press 'ОК' buton

Analise track and it's parts

Select a part of a track on elevation chart holding left mouse button.
Parameters of selected subtrack will be show on track properties table (3).

If there is not selection then properties of whole track is shown.

Viewing track points

  • Select track from the list
  • Bring context menu with right mouse button and select Show Points

Editing tracks

You can do the following operations on tracks:

Splitting tracks

  • Select needed track
  • Double-click on it or select Show Points for the track
  • Choose points where new track will begin
  • Right click on the point and select Split Track menu
  • In poped up window type name of new track and press 'Ok' button

Marging tracks

  • Select two tracks to merge holding Ctrl button
  • Bring context menu with right button and select Merge Tracks menu

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