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Help / Working with waypoints

To manage waypoints switch to GPS tracks sheet, Waypoints subsheet:

A list of waypoints

The list contains waypoints folders.
Waypoints downloaded from GPS go to 'Unsorted' folder by default.

For adding waypoints to the project you should either
download them from GPS or import waypoints from a file.

Left click a waypoint to work with it, sometimes it is necessary to select two or more waypoints, to do it press and hold Ctrl or Shift button while clicking.
To bring context menu for a waypoints right click on it.

Importing waypoints

For importing waypoints do the following:

  • Select File/Import Waypoints menu
  • Select waypoints file
  • Press 'ОК' button

Creating and editing waypoints

To create a waypoint:

  • Select a folder where you should like to place a new waypoint
  • Bring context menu, select 'Add waypoint'
  • Fill name, latitude, longitude of the waypoint in poped up window:

  • Press 'OK' button to save the waypoint

To edit a waypoint either double click it or choose 'Edit waypont' menu item in context menu.

It is convenient to create a waypoint using 'Google Earth'.
To do it:

  • Select place on 'Google Earth' where you want waypoint
  • Add placemark (menu Add/Placemark)
  • Window with the placemark coordinates will show up, copy and paste latitude and longitude of the placemark to Track-Album's waypoint creation form

  • Press 'OK' button to save the waypoint

Viewing waypoints on 'Google Earth'

Select waypoints needed and press 'Show on 'Google Earth'' toolbar button.
If a folder is selected all folder's waypoints will be shown on Google Earth.

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