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Help / Working with log book / Photos and GPS coordinates

Photos can be attached to a record. Indeed photos are embeded (copied into project's directory).

It is recomended to make resized copies of photos for storing in Track-Album and keep original photos on DVD disks.

Photocameras write many data in EXIF part of a picture, this data can be viewed right in Track-Album:

For this click on the photo in record details with right mouse button and choose "Show Image Info" menu.

You can also set and edit GPS coordinates where the photo was shot
with the built-in EXIF editor (Editor of GPS data).

One of the most exciting features: the program calculates photo's geo coordinates depending on photo's creation time and track points
and shows the photos in the right place on the track:

First photo has GPS coordinates written inside the photo (see indicator in top-right corner).

Coordinates for second photo are calculated from track by photo's shooting time.

To write calculated GPS coorinates into photographs switch to Tracks sheet. click to the track with right mouse button and in poped up context menu choose "Set GPS Сoordinates in Images"

For coordinates to be calculated right you should set time difference between clocks in your GPS and Photocamera in settings (see menu Options/Preferences - Photo).

This time difference you can determine with the following method:

  • You go out to the streets, turn on your GPS and prepare your photocamera.
  • Start walking th the north and after 30 seconds make 90 degree turn to the west or east at the same time shot a picture then walk more 30 seconds.
  • Now go home, download photo and GPS track
  • Determine time of the turn point from the track. Determine creation time of the photo (From EXIF data, see above)
  • the difference between these times is what we want.
  • Enter the difference in settings, attach the photo to the track (create a record for this) and see that photo is in the corner of the track.

When viewing tracks with attached photos in Google Earth the photo's icons are also shown. Click them to see pictures.