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Help / Working with log book / Record notes editor

Notes editor is improved greatly from the version one and now it allows to format text, insert smiles, insert links to video, photos, Web-sites and any other local files.

Notes are edited in record's editor. To open big editing windows click first icon on the toolbar.

Or viewing record details in log book in right column open context menu and choose "Edit Description" menu or double-click text in record's details.

Text formatting is done with BBCode — special markup tags similar to HTML.
The following tags are supported:

  • To make the text bold surround it in [b][/b], example:
    becomes Text

  • To underline text surround it in [u][/u], example:
    станет Текст

  • To make the text italic surround it in [i][/i], example:
    becomes Text!

  • BBCode supports several ways of making URLs.
    First one uses construction [url=][/url], after = goes URL. For example for making reference to track-album.netuse:

    Simple form uses URL as URL's text:

  • To make link to a file write full file name with drive letter as URL:
    [url]c:\media\Photo\2009-01\PZ 036.jpg[/url]
    [url=c:\media\Video\vide1.avi]See this video[/url]

  • or if the file locates on another computer:
    [url]\\computer\media\Photo\2009-01\PZ 036.jpg[/url]
    [url=\\computer\media\Video\vide1.avi]See this video[/url]

Use toolbar's buttons for convenience. Buttons surrond selected text with tags.