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Track-Album: Flight Log

This modification is made specially for paragliding/hanggliding pilots.

Distinctive feature - rich flight statistics:

Flight count and hours are calculated by years, flight type, flight site and glider's name.

Pilots use GPS to record flights quite often.
Later at home the pilot downloads the track with Track-Album and looks at the track colored for better visual perception by different parameters: Screenshots. The track (or several simultaneous tracks) can be replayed in 3D in Google Earth!

For flight tracks glide ration and other parameters can be viewed for any part of the track.

Pilots want to now how cool their flights are!
Track measurement tools help to calculate best flight route:

FAI Triangle  Turning point
FAI Triangle  

It also detects stop points and towing!
Alternatively you can measure the track manually.
See more about GPS track measurement feature in details.

Pilots also make photos during the flight but it is not always easy to understand where this photo has been made as there aren't any indications.
Now it is very easy - the program can automatically identify the coordinates of the photo according to time and track points and shows the photos in the right place on the track:

On the track  In Google Earth
photo on GPS track  photo in Google Earth

See more about gps photo tagger features in details.

You can print logbook and annual statistics and make paper logbook:
logbook printed
You can also design you own reports with built-in Report Designer

See more: Common features