Memorize your adventures

Track-Album - the history of your adventures

Track-Album is an electronic diary, photo album with GPS functions, the program for those who like to fly and ride, possibly with GPS, make photos, and don't want these trips to be forgotten and would like to save records about them.

The program comes in two modifications:
Track-Album: Traveller's Diary - is intended for tourists, travellers, cyclists, skiers and all who move on land or water. see more...
Track-Album: Flight Log - is intended for paragliding/hanggliding and other ultra lights pilots who need special functions. see more...

Track-Album is not only the log book which stores photos, GPS tracks and notes. It also gives you statistics of your flights/rides. When you look at it, it is easy to say for example how much miles you have traveled by bicycle on mountain roads this year, or how much hours you flew like a bird under clouds on paraglider or hangglider...

Track-Album is an easy to use software for working with GPS. Without overcomplicated functions but sufficient for most needs like downloading and viewing colored 3D GPS tracks.

Track-Album summary:

  • One program for managing GPS tracks, photos, notes for trips
  • If you have a GPS device then you will likely need only this program to work with it
  • Allows to analyze tracks and view them in 3D on 'Google Earth', no need to find another converters and spend time on them
  • The system instantly calculates statistics that is very useful for:
    • Pilots (paragliding, hanggliding): total flight time, flights by years, by flight type (ex. x-country, dynamic soaring), mountain flight time, towing, usage of the wing and so on..
    • Cyclist and skiers - calculations of length traveled

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Latest news:
15.07.2019 - Track-Album is freeware now
03.08.2013 - New release with maps support
23.07.2012 - Issues fixing update
27.06.2012 - Increased performance version
28.05.2012 - Version 2.0 released.
12.02.2012 - Track measurement feature: new 1.5 beta availabe.
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